We are interdisciplinary team working on understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlaying vital biological processes. In particular, we are interested in biological membranes, proteins and their interactions. We use and develop theoretical and computational tools for multiscale modeling ranging from all-atom to very coarse-grained (single particle per molecule). Read More



Rahul Deb won JCMM scholarship for foreign student!

​Our doctoral student Rahul Deb has recently won JCMM scholarship for foreign university student for the entire… Read more »


Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 Award

Our colleague Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 awards for the best student lecture. The theme of his lecture was: "Optimizing… Read more »


Langmuir paper

We have published a new Langmuir paper on amyloid adsorption onto charged interfaces and the asorption size… Read more »


New Postdoc and PhD student

Arnošt Mládek joined our team as a postdoc and Rahul Deb has become a new PhD student. Welcome! Read more »