Jobs openings

PhD and MSc positions in Robert Vacha’s group (Brno, Czech Republic)

Starting:      Optional - after July 2018
Duration:     PhD 4 years, Msc 2 years
Expires:      Applications are considered until the position is filled
Supervisor: Robert Vacha (
Employer:   CEITEC Masaryk University, Czech Rep.

Project: The projects will focus on membrane-associated proteins with the objective of understanding their interaction, conformation and activation in the presence of membranes with various lipid compositions. The proteins in question are involved in diseases or act as therapeutics (e.g. antimicrobial peptides) and we aim to reveal their molecular mechanisms, which could be used in the design of new more effective agents. The research combines computer simulations and fluorescence experiments and is coupled to collaborations. The student will master a fluorescence techniques for peptide-membrane interactions and/or the tools of multi-scale simulations using a wide range of techniques ranging from atomistic to coarse-grained simulations. 

Eligibility: Outstanding candidates with experience in computer simulations and/or fluorescence with a Bc or MSc degree in the fields of biophysics, soft matter physics, physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemistry, statistical mechanics, or related fields. Experience with molecular dynamics simulations (with GROMACS, CHARMM, NAMD, AMBER, LAMMPS, etc.) or fluorescence techniques would be an advantage.

Competitive salary: depending on the position - supported by grant projects.

Application procedure: Applications must include a CV, list of publications and study results, short personal statement (description of research interests, past, and plans), and the name of a person willing to provide a letter of recommendation. Applications with all this material (preferably in a single pdf) should be sent to Robert Vacha ( 

Why join us?

  • International opportunities – CEITEC is a leading member of Alliance 4 Life, a member of the EU Life consortium, in strategic partnership with The Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities
  • Wide career options
  • Build connections via our international partnerships and events (47% of publications created within the international cooperation)
  • Transferable skills courses, cooperation with industry
  • Brno is EU & NATO member and voted 4th best city for students’ life
  • An international community with frequent informal events