New article: Dishevelled-3 conformation dynamics analyzed by FRET-based biosensors reveals a key role of casein kinase 1

The Wnt signaling pathways are a group of ancient signal transduction pathways which regulate crucial aspects of cell fate determination, cell migration, cell polarity, neural patterning and organogenesis during embryonic development.  Dishevelled protein (DVL) is the key interaction hub of the Wnt signaling pathways. However, DVL conformational dynamics under native conditions is unknown. Our group contributed to the elucidation of the DVL open or closed internal conformations characterized by the PDZ domain interaction with DVL C-terminus. The open DVL conformation can be induced by Wnt ligands, which start the pathways. Moreover, such open conformations have more even subcellular localization and more efficient membrane recruitment by Wnt receptor.

You can find the article in Nature Communications.