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Selected for the cover

Our latest paper was selected for the cover of Biophysical Journal. Lukáš created a beautiful rendered image of a… Read more »


Accounts of Chemical Research

We published a summary of our recent work in prestigeous Accounts of Chemical Research. Enjoy reading it here. Read more »


Expanding again

During first months of year 2021, our group welcomed three new members - postdocs Jalim Singh and Ondřej Kroutil and a… Read more »


ERC Consolidator Grant

Christmas came early for us this year. We were awarded by ERC Consolidator Grant for 5 years. There is a press release… Read more »


New Postdoc

In November, we have welcomed a new Postdoc in our group - Mehrnoosh Khodam Hazrati.Box titleHere is place for your… Read more »


New additions to our group

In September our group increased in two new members.Timothée Emmanuel J. Rivel postdocSofia BlascoPhD student Read more »


New group member Michal Bubeník

Our group has welcomed a new member, Michal Bubeník. Read more »


Dean Award to Ladislav Bartoš

Congratulations to Ladislav Bartoš, who has been warded with Dean Award for the best students! Read more... Read more »


Congratulations to our three Master students

Congratulations to our students Peter Pajtinka, Martin Babáš, and Radim Brožek, who have sucessfuly finished their… Read more »



We have published a new article in Journal of Physical Chemistry B abouttranslocation of peptides across phospholipid… Read more »



We have shown that C-terminal domain (CTD) from RNA polymerase II binds to Spt6, a transcription elongation factor.… Read more »


Hiring postdoc

We have open position for a postdoc working on antimicrobial peptidesDescription of project:The cellular interior is… Read more »


New grant - ERC CZ!

We were awarded ERC CZ grant to study antimicrobial peptides! The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech… Read more »


New eLife: Effect of helical kink in antimicrobial peptides on…

We used computer simulations and fluorescence experiments to show that a kink in amphipathic helices affects the… Read more »


New article: Magainin 2 and PGLa in Bacterial Membrane Mimics II…

We addressed the synergistic activity of the two well-studied antimicrobial peptides magainin 2 (MG2a) and PGLa using… Read more »


New article: Magainin 2 and PGLa in Bacterial Membrane Mimics I:…

We addressed the onset of synergistic activity of the two well-studied antimicrobial peptides magainin 2 (MG2a) and… Read more »


Students claim Brno is one of the best cities in the world

The rankings are based on the answers of 87,000 students and recent graduates from all over the world, who shared their… Read more »


Congratulations on winning the Biophysical competition!

We CONGRATULATE to our students succeeding in the biophysical competition. Ladislav Bartoš has won the category of… Read more »


New article: Dishevelled-3 conformation dynamics analyzed by…

The Wnt signaling pathways are a group of ancient signal transduction pathways which regulate crucial aspects of cell… Read more »


New article: Enterovirus particles expel capsid pentamers to…

Viruses from the genus Enterovirus are important human pathogens. Receptor binding or exposure to acidic pH in… Read more »


Congratulations: Daniel Jaroň has got MSc

Congratulations to our student Daniel Jaroň who has got this MSc with thesis “Calculations of free energy of… Read more »


New member Martin Babáš

​Martin Babáš joined our team as a master student. Welcome!" Read more »


New member

Ladislav Bartoš joined our team as a undergraduate student. Welcome! Read more »


NOC VĚDCŮ! Co dokáže strach z vody aneb hydrofóbní efekt

Vyzkoušej si experimenty s makroskopicky pozorovatelným hydrofóbním efektem.Nauč se jednoduchý test, jak pomocí mincí… Read more »


New paper!

​New paper! Some antimicrobial peptides can translocate across lipid bilayers without disrupting the membrane structure… Read more »


Rahul Deb won JCMM scholarship for foreign student!

​Our doctoral student Rahul Deb has recently won JCMM scholarship for foreign university student for the entire… Read more »


Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 Award

Our colleague Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 awards for the best student lecture. The theme of his lecture was: "Optimizing… Read more »


Langmuir paper

We have published a new Langmuir paper on amyloid adsorption onto charged interfaces and the asorption size… Read more »


New Postdoc and PhD student

Arnošt Mládek joined our team as a postdoc and Rahul Deb has become a new PhD student. Welcome! Read more »


New papers

​Our new article was accepted in Scientific Reports. It is about design of multivalent inhibitrs, which could be… Read more »


New members

Tereza Králova is our new lab manager and Radim Brožek, Peter Pajtinka, and Pavol Mikulaj joined our team as bachelor… Read more »



​Congratulations to Alžběta Türková and Terez Gerguri, who have got their MSc today! I wish them a lot of success and… Read more »


SoMoPro Grant

​With Michael Owen we were awarded a SoMoPro grant for investigation of the role of various lipids in Alzheimer's… Read more »


New GAMU grant

​We were awarded with a grant from Czech Agency of Masaryk University (GAMU) to investigate protein from Wnt… Read more »


Protein Dynamic Center

​We have become part of the Protein Dynamic Center. Read more »