We showed that transmembrane proteins with hydrophilic residues in the membrane hydrophobic core can cause local membrane thinning which enhances translocation of other molecules (such as peptides) across lipid membrane. link

We showed that the translocation of amphiphilic helical peptides across phospholipid membranes is complex process, which correct description includes peptide insertion, local membrane deformation, and peptide internal degrees of freedom related to its charged residues. link

Molecular dynamics simulation of RNA release from deformed wing virus - simulations with corase grained model were back mapped to detailed structure.​ link

Fusion stalk formation between two vesicles initiated by magainin2 and PGLa peptides.

Spontaneous water permeation through membrane

​Molecular dynamics simulation of echovirus 18 genome release.​

Macroscopic self-assembly of rod-like particles

Self-assembly of amyloid fibirls

Protein pore formation in membrane

Another formation of membrane pore by protein