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New article: Dishevelled-3 conformation dynamics analyzed by…

The Wnt signaling pathways are a group of ancient signal transduction pathways which regulate crucial aspects of cell… Read more »


New article: Enterovirus particles expel capsid pentamers to…

Viruses from the genus Enterovirus are important human pathogens. Receptor binding or exposure to acidic pH in… Read more »


Congratulations: Daniel Jaroň has got MSc

Congratulations to our student Daniel Jaroň who has got this MSc with thesis “Calculations of free energy of… Read more »


New member Martin Babáš

​Martin Babáš joined our team as a master student. Welcome!" Read more »


New member

Ladislav Bartoš joined our team as a undergraduate student. Welcome! Read more »


NOC VĚDCŮ! Co dokáže strach z vody aneb hydrofóbní efekt

Vyzkoušej si experimenty s makroskopicky pozorovatelným hydrofóbním efektem.Nauč se jednoduchý test, jak pomocí mincí… Read more »


New paper!

​New paper! Some antimicrobial peptides can translocate across lipid bilayers without disrupting the membrane structure… Read more »


Rahul Deb won JCMM scholarship for foreign student!

​Our doctoral student Rahul Deb has recently won JCMM scholarship for foreign university student for the entire… Read more »


Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 Award

Our colleague Ivo Kabelka obtained Levi4 awards for the best student lecture. The theme of his lecture was: "Optimizing… Read more »


Langmuir paper

We have published a new Langmuir paper on amyloid adsorption onto charged interfaces and the asorption size… Read more »


New Postdoc and PhD student

Arnošt Mládek joined our team as a postdoc and Rahul Deb has become a new PhD student. Welcome! Read more »


New papers

​Our new article was accepted in Scientific Reports. It is about design of multivalent inhibitrs, which could be… Read more »


New members

Tereza Králova is our new lab manager and Radim Brožek, Peter Pajtinka, and Pavol Mikulaj joined our team as bachelor… Read more »



​Congratulations to Alžběta Türková and Terez Gerguri, who have got their MSc today! I wish them a lot of success and… Read more »


SoMoPro Grant

​With Michael Owen we were awarded a SoMoPro grant for investigation of the role of various lipids in Alzheimer's… Read more »


New GAMU grant

​We were awarded with a grant from Czech Agency of Masaryk University (GAMU) to investigate protein from Wnt… Read more »


Protein Dynamic Center

​We have become part of the Protein Dynamic Center. Read more »